Our body is consistently exposed to external influences like environmental pollution or stress. Fermented foods are becoming more and more significant in individual diets and body care regimes. These foods have played an important part in Traditional Chinese Medicine and empire dynasties for thousands of years. The most important fruit is the pomelo fruit, a relative of the grapefruit and the German “Pampelmuse”.

Pomelos are rich in essential oils, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, important bitter compounds and secondary plant compounds. SHARE|Pomelozzinis® are fermented as whole fruits, including peel and protective layer, in their own juice for at least 30 months. During this process natural enzymes evolve, which support the digestion and contribute to a better physical performance in everyday life as well as sports. As it supports the ordinary generation of collagen, science accredits the fermented fruit a positive effect on the elasticity of the skin and on taut connective tissues. It helps protect the nervous system and the cells from free radicals and improves the energy metabolism.

SHARE|Pomelozzinis® are low in calories and taste delightfully sweet and sour with a bitter note.

Recommended Consumption:

Have one pomelo a day. Drink at least 250 ml of warm water after consumption.

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