The basis of Ovis sheep milk soaps is palm oil and palm kernel oil converted into soap. This results in a very mild surface-active agent with a pleasantly creamy consistency which creates a wonderful foundation for all other ingredients.
Regarding the reputation of palm oil, we gave it a lot of thought, every step along the way: We know about our responsibility towards the environment, the animals and the locals on-site.

An important question often left out of this discussion is, what would the alternatives be?
Petroleum products? Other vegetable oils? A WWF study shows that soybean, canola and sunflower fields would take up much more space for oil production than palm oil trees (yield in litres / m²) – i.e. requiring even more resources, devouring even more rainforest! Such is not reported in the media; it is also not questioned, what are the substitute raw materials in foodstuffs, which are now widely advertised as palm oil-free, but do not cost a penny more?
Simple answers are not the solution, instead they often-times just defer the problem or make it worse!
We try our best to make our contribution to the preservation of our environment. But we also want to be up-front and honest about it.

HanSen Ovis Newsletter
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