Ovis mare´s milk soap

Mare’s milk i slow in fat but rich in lactose, minerals and trace elements. Its outstanding concentration of vitamin C and vitamin D (17 times higher than cow’s milk) is remarkable, since both vitamins fulfill important functions for the human skin. Mare’s milk has long been used successfully to treat wounded and/ or inflamed skin – in other words, wherever the skin needs tob e soothed so that it can replace itself.

Ovis donkey-milk soap

When donkey‘s milk in connection with cosmetics are mentioned, thoughts jump to Cleopatra and her famous baths. And indeed donkey‘s milk makes the skin soft, smooth and supple. In addition, it is claimed that its high lysozyme content destroys pathogenic bacteria, while the milk-sugar contained feeds the good lactic acid bacteria of the acid mantle. Therefore, donkey‘s milk is also used to nurture mucous membranes and for the relief of acne.

Ovis camel-milk soap

Camel milk has been popular among the desert dwellers of Arabia as a panacea for over 3000 years. The vitamin-rich milk, which is enriched with minerals and trace elements, has an anti-inflammatory effect and prevents dryness and cracks with its refatting and nourishing properties.

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