Stone Pine

The Tree of Inner Peace and Strength

The stone pine tree is often referred to as the Queen of the Alps. She’s found in high mountain regions and in places with scant vegetation, standing proudly and powerfully above it all. This kind of resilience is passed on to us. In the Alpine region the stone pine has always been used to strengthen body and soul, to offer inner peace and well-being.

Its essential oils help open up the airways and help us be able to breathe deeply again. Furthermore, the stone pine is used against indigestion and for the general strengthening of the body.

Today the stone pine is primarily known for its positive effects on the sleep. Scientist have found that it reduces the heart rate by about 3,500 beats per day, which equals about one hour. The circulatory system becomes calmer. This, in turn, helps us sleep tighter and more relaxed during the night, which will make you feel more refreshed and energized the next day.

HanSen Ovis Newsletter
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