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HanSen Ovis GmbH is a family-run, wholesale company based in one of Salzburg's scenic lake regions. Our business specializes in a broad range of sheep-milk products such as soaps, toiletries and bath products, which are marketed under the brand-name "Ovis" (Latin ovis = the sheep). In addition, we provide bath accessories such as soap dishes as well as pretty gift- packaging. Our product line also includes mare's milk soaps and soaps with healing crystals.

Our motto "Natural care for your well-being" guides us in every step of the production process, from carefully selecting ingredients to choosing the right packaging in order to give our products longer shelf life. Ovis soaps and care products are based on high-quality, vegetable oils and complemented by a variety of additional ingredients such as herbs, rose petals or salt from the Dead Sea.

Our one special ingredient is quality sheep milk from Austria's farmers, who follow a conscious approach in their production. Sheep-milk, which is easily absorbed by the skin, moisturizes and leaves a smooth and soft feeling. It is our goal to provide our customers with a product that treats their skin  gently and they like using repeatedly.

If you are a re-seller, get a personal access code to our online-shop on request! There you can consult all our prices and place orders quickly and easily.

If you have questions or special requests, we are also available for you via phone (preferably in the morning) or email. We are happy to help you with any of your concerns!