SHARE|Original® is a Japanese apricot (also known as Japanese green plum) refined through fermentation and ripening. This wholesome and natural fruit is used for the daily care of the intestine and as a means of preventive care.

The vitamins, enzymes and probiotic micro-organisms released in the process of fermentation are used for treatments in the Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western alternative medicine. The product is free of preservatives and any other additives, free of added sugar and flavour enhancers.

The apricot grows wild in Taiwan and Japan. For many generations small-scale farmers have been preparing these fruits for their first fermentation in careful manual work. The Japanese apricots ripen for 30 months in a vacuum-sealed environment in their own juice with an added fermentation starter. The fermented apricots are then coated with a delicious layer of herbs. The fruits continue to ripen in a second fermentation stage in their individually sealed packages until their consumption.

Fermented foods are true power snacks! They can provide our body with health-inducing intestine bacteria and can contribute to a balanced intestinal milieu. The SHARE|Original® fruit is rich in calcium, iron, natrium and manganese. However, the fruit is not a dietary supplement nor medicine and thus not a substitute to a balanced and healthy diet.

Recommended Consumption:

One apricot a day (best consumed in the evenings). If you have a sensitive stomach, we recommend half an apricot a day to start with. Please mind that the pit is still inside the apricot!

Drink at least 300 to 500 ml of lukewarm water after consumption.

Quality standards:

  • vegetable product / vegan
  • purely natural from harvest to consumption
  • handy – individually packaged
  • sweet with a lightly sour taste
  • trademarked worldwide
  • ISO-certified production
  • each batch is checked and certified by an independent international institute
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